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One sheet of glass that is no more than an 1/8" thick 
  • Typically in houses built before the 90's
  • How to tell if you have single pane windows?
  • Go to a window that is not broken (we don't want you to cut yourself). Open the window and put your pointer finger on the outside and the other on the inside... Do they look like they touch each other? If your fingers look like they touch each other (or are very close) you have a single-pane window. When you do this with dual-pane windows your fingers are at least a half-inch apart. This is becuase dual panes are seperated by a 1/4" airspace plus the thickness of the glass.
Do I have single-pane windows?
Single-Pane Window
Dual-Pane Window
Do I have double-pane windows?
Two sheets of glass (sometimes three) separated by a dead airspace or argon gas.
  • Typically in newer homes built in the 90's or newer
  • How to tell if you have dual-pane insulated glass windows?
  • Same as single-pane windows, put one finger on the inside of the window and one on the outside. Do they look like they touch each other? If they do not look like they touch each other you have dual pane windows. Insulated glass windows are normally between 7/16" - 1" thick (including the glass and airspace). 
Dual-Pane Window with grids
What are these "grids" you speak of?
Grids (or muntin bars) are flat or contoured bars between the panes of glass creating an illusion of a window being divided up to look like more than one lite of glass.
  • Some grids are on the outside of the window giving the window the look of  a "true divided lite" window. Normally the grids are between the glass and you cannot feel them.
  • Muntin bars are usually 1/2" to 3/4" wide and are typically white or bronze.

Single pane
Dual pane, no grids
Dual pane, with grids
The glass is broken
Moisture between the panes of glass
Window does not operate properly